Title International Wildlife Enc Description (19) hard cover books, AZ, GC, Condition Used Phone Number 518-766-2102 Listing Number 28144
Title Payphone Description Vintage, western electric, 3-slot, 1950s period, restored to working order, great condition for your den or store Condition Used Phone Number 518-274-6977 Listing Number 33161
Title Signed Photo by Doug Cavanah Description Photo by Key West photographer, Doug Cavanah, 19x50 Framed and signed Doug Cavanah on Water Color Paper, Condition Used Phone Number 518-885-3746 Listing Number 43397
Title Edison Standard B Phonograph Description Full banner, motor restored, needs sound box, Phone Number 518-274-6977 Listing Number 43697
Title Old Victor 5 Phonograph Description Needs horn, Phone Number 518-274-6977 Condition Used Listing Number 42658
im looking for Kathy jimino or brian Stratton bobbleheads that were given out at the valleycat games20.00 apiece, call 452-1467 thank you mark
This unique collection contains 74 liquor bottle, 2 beer bottles & 1 Coca-Cola bottle from U.S, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Virgin Island, Asia, Europe & the Middle East. Spirits include gin, vodka, rum, rye, scotch, whiskey and assorted liqueurs/cordials. All bottle are UNUSED and contain original contents (beer and Coca-Cola bottle contents have evaporated due to age). The estimated re...
This unique collection contains 1,100+ matchbooks/matchboxes from U.S., Canada, Bahamas, Virgin Island, Italy & Sweden. Matchbooks are UNUSED and contain matches. Some are RARE, some have duplicates and some matches have ornate print on them. This collection includes famous hotels, casinos, NYC nightclub, restaurants, banks, pottery, funeral homes, transportation, military, cigarette/cigars, l...